Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Organizing Curated Resources

Creative writing is an important part of my class.  I write many examples of poems or short stories which I share with students to model the assignments.  My non-digital resource is a notebook of printed pages.  My digital resource is a folder in Harmony marked English 10 and a backup of the writing posted in the notes tab on Facebook.  This gives me three places to locate the resource when lesson planning.

I use many video clips from you tube or Ted and have saved several in favorites.  I also post some of the most beloved clips to my Facebook wall to locate quickly.

Pinterest is a relatively new sharing website for me.  I have developed folders in which I share pictures, videoclip links, and online lesson plans.  I also have a Professional Development folder and folders for my friends identified by their names.  I pin ideas I want to share in their folders.  This is a great way to organize and collect digital resources.

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