Friday, January 31, 2014

I would say that I am evolving.  I am not a blogger and I struggled with setting up the blog.  I did the introduction incorrectly the first time and it appeared as a comment instead of a post.  I figured out what I did wrong and managed to post my response where it could be seen and was supposed to go.

I am taking this class to learn about new software and technology applications.  I hope to be exceptional, or at least more effective, when I have completed all modules.  I see technology as higher level thinking and problem solving.

My past experiences with the corporation technology committee and classroom technology projects make the entires I have made effective. Since I teach English, I think all of the writing conventions are exceptional?  My discussion entries are not exceptional because I have not explained specific details and descriptions, but I have answered the questions in general terms.

As for the timeline, I met the class deadlines for completing the assignments so I am exceptional in that area for this module.  I hope I will be able to keep up and look forward to learning more about technology.  I am a geek.

My next test will be to see if I successfully link this post where it is supposed to go!

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